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The wine has a harmonious and soft creamy taste with a hint of ripe fruit and a pleasant minerality, which manifests itself in a salty aftertaste.
87,00 ₾
The wine demonstrates a soft, fresh taste and pleasant aftertaste, which retains mineral and fruit tones.
30,40 ₾
The taste of the wine is light, refined, pleasant, harmonious, lively. Fresh acidity perfectly balances fruity sweetness, gives the wine good drinkability, and ensures persistence of the aftertaste.
36,00 ₾
The taste of the wine is soft, balanced, with citrus-mineral notes and refined sourness in a harmonious aftertaste.
69,20 ₾
The taste of the wine is well balanced and delicate. Harmonious and long-lasting aftertaste with apple notes.
66,00 ₾
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