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Mellow, fine and elegant, Alìe is characterised by its delicate rose colour and vibrant peach notes and subtle scents of rose. Enveloping and well rounded on the palate, with citrus notes of pink grapefruit and a tangy undertone that elegantly leads to a whirlwind of flavour sensations.
59,10 ₾
The taste of the wine is fresh, bright and spicy, with notes of pine nut shells, aromatic herbs and elderberry.
80,00 ₾
The taste of the wine is enveloping, fruity, well supported by freshness and minerality, capable of imparting persistence to the aftertaste.
62,00 ₾
The taste of the wine is soft, clean, graceful, with fruity-citrus hints and subtle sourness in a long aftertaste.
72,00 ₾
The taste of the wine is dry, full, strong, addictive, with soft tannins, pleasant fresh acidity, balsamic and floral notes in a long aftertaste.
140,00 ₾
A full-bodied, soft and elegant wine with a silky taste, pleasant acidity and a persistent, long-lasting aftertaste characterized by tones of crushed black berries, spices, chalk and chocolate.
145,40 ₾ 160,00 ₾
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