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The taste of the wine is generous, rich, well balanced and structured, with fruity and spicy accents, rounded tannins and a long aftertaste.
77,30 ₾
Perfectly balanced, complex, rich and very harmonious wine, in the taste of which there are notes of spices. The aftertaste is long lasting.
70,00 ₾
The wine is intriguing with a spicy, soft taste with a silky texture, fruity notes and smooth tannins in a long aftertaste.
62,00 ₾
The taste of the wine is perfectly balanced, with a good structure and soft velvety tannins. There are hints of ripe fruit in a long aftertaste.
133,00 ₾
The wine demonstrates a velvety, full flavor with a perfectly balanced structure, rounded tannins and a long, seductive aftertaste.
102,10 ₾
The wine has a fresh, harmonious, pleasant fruity taste with rounded tannins, soft texture and clean aftertaste.
54,00 ₾
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